Your wedding day goes by SO fast

I had the honor to assist the main photographer and shoot Oscar & Sophia's wedding earlier in March, and WOW. I learned so much more about weddings and timelines and photos than I have when I was the main photographer at several weddings in the past. I'm new to WA, so I don't know many people wanting/needing photos nor have any photography friends! I reached out to a friend about her wedding in August to see if her main photographer would allow me to work with her and she was game. Before even meeting her, she reached out about Oscar & Sophia's wedding to see if I wanted to shoot that with her, and this photographer was so kind and knowledgable. I had a blast! The wedding itself was filled with so much emotion, and it fired me up. I want to shoot weddings.

So should you pay more for a second photographer?

Absolutely. Obviously I'm a little biased, because I'm a photographer and place such a high value on photos, but I think you should too. Here is what you get when you have a second photographer:

  • Different perspectives - Your main photographer will capture all those special moments, but let me tell you - there isn't ONE right angle for a photo. Different composition can evoke a whole new emotion in a photo.
  • Speeds up wedding day timeline - this allows for extra time to spend with your spouse and guests. Wedding days can be chaotic, and the last thing you want to be doing is spending a huge chunk of your time taking photos and not with your guests celebrating.
  • More time to capture those must have shots! - It's like having one person in two places. Your main photographer can ask the second photographer to take shots that might be happening simultaneously as to the shots they are tying to get i.e. bridal and groom party getting ready photos, detail shots (venue, invites, rings), extra guest shots.

Long story short, you get more time with the photographer you spent hours or days or months looking for to capture your special day and by the end, more photos you didn't know you needed.