What in the world should you wear to your session?!

This is something I hear a lot of - from my own clients, other photographers' clients, and my friends getting their photos done. I used to say "whatever you're comfortable in", which I DO still agree with, buttttttt there's more to it.

The location

First, it depends on how you are envisioning your session - is it a romantic engagement session on a cliff with a beautiful backdrop, a couples session in a studio, or a lifestyle shoot? Now they don't have to be different outfits, but for a nice dreamy engagement shoot, I might recommend something more floral and/or flowy - for the woman. For a studio session, maybe some fitted jeans with a nice top. Are you a hat person? Throw one on! Men, I am not looking at you, leave your darn baseball caps at home 😂 Lifestyle session? Honestly, this could be anything you want! To achieve a more accurate look of what your "at-home self" looks like, maybe that looks like pajamas or sweatpants. This session has a LOT of flexibility in what you wear - it's really up to you.


Alright, no matter the session, I will always recommend NEUTRAL colors. Anywhere from tan, beige, black, white, or gray. Even light colors like light blue or pink - think pastels. The reason I recommend this is because these colors photograph well, especially with my bold and dreamy style. Pinterest is an awesome resource.

Unpopular opinion: I am NOT a fan of plaid/flannels. Idk what is it, it seems super hard for me to integrate with my style. Plus, I don't normally wear them, so maybe that's why?😂


Lastly, I will say that ultimately, it is your decision. These are my recommendations, but they're your photos! You should feel comfortable in what you're wearing and have it feel like you. Even if you heard me out on my recommendations and you're not feeling it? That's okay, wear what makes you comfortable and confident 😋

Something I like to offer my clients is a Pinterest board for inspiration! I will gather photos on Pinterest (usually not my own photos), put together a board, and send it to them for either outfit, location, or posing inspiration. Stay tuned for an outfit guide that I am putting together for all my clients!