The Blue Hero Project

The Blue Hero Project is a law enforcement family organization who takes donated snacks and goodies to police departments around Washington State as a thank you for the people in blue - hence the name. They started with their first drop off in the North Precinct of the Seattle Police Department in May of 2021, and it has taken off from there! It is a HUGE hit for not only law enforcement, but for their families as well.

A Great Reminder

Diane & Davin are INCREDIBLE people, and I am truly blessed to have met them when they came to DT Instructor School back in March 2022. They dropped off snacks like the ones pictured above and told their story and expressed their gratitude to officers and their families, and I stood there in awe. You don't hear things like that very often, especially in Western Washington where hating police officers seems to be pretty trendy. It's not the negative things that stand out, but the kind words of people in the community that support us. Those are far more meaningful. It's easy to get lost in what the world is saying about your profession, when you know it's just one gigantic (and incorrect) generalization, but hearing what this family had to say is a great reminder for us still out there protecting and serving. Thank you both for that.

A celebration

This studio session in Seattle was to prep for their 1 YEAR CELEBRATIONNNNNNN next month! They are bringing law enforcement from all over the place for a free event that includes food, drinks, pictures (😉) and FUNNNNNN! I, for one, cannot wait to go.

If you're looking for a way to send a lil appreciation to your local law enforcement, please check out The Blue Hero Project on Facebook & Instagram. They have great ways for you to help donate!